We turn 19 today

Mike Florio
·1 min read

In October 2001, I had a decision to make. Accept a one-year offer from ESPN.com to continue writing a daily news and rumors item for its Insider service or do something else. I chose something else.

Something else became this.

For a $500 initial fee and $50 a month, PFT went live on November 1, 2001. It grew. It evolved. It grew some more.

Eventually, it started to make a little money. So more time and effort was invested in it. So it grew some more. And it started to make more money.

So even more time and effort was devoted to it. And it kept growing. Eventually, NBC expressed interest in a partnership. I resisted. A critical mass of traffic on the first day of free agency in 2009 blew up the servers and in turn softened my position, setting the stage for a licensing deal that went live on July 1, 2009.

Eleven years later, we’re now 19 years old and still growing. We’ll continue to be here, indefinitely into the future. One year from 20, six years from 25. Thirty-one years from 50. As long as pro football is played, we’ll be covering every aspect and angle of it.

If you’re reading these words, it’s probably not the first time you’ve visited. Thank you for visiting now, thank you for all the times you’ve visited in the past, and thanks in advance for all the times you’ll visit in the future. We hope to continue to enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the greatest game in the world.

We turn 19 today originally appeared on Pro Football Talk