Tupac Shakur’s Life Is On Full Display In ‘Wake Me When I’m Free’ Exhibit

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Even though the late great Tupac Shakur died twenty-six years ago, the artist’s legacy and impact can still be felt today, with the world continuing to celebrate his life.

The latest venture comes from L.A. Live and their Wake Me Up When I’m Free exhibit, which opened its doors on January 21, 2022, and, due to critical acclaim, has been extended through the summer.

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Displaying important artifacts like haikus, play production bills, and other items, the Wake Me When I’m Free exhibit offers attendees a chance to better understand the life of the late-rapper.

Art installations symbolic of Pac’s upbringing, which would later be instrumental in his artistry, and remnants of poems he wrote in his youth are displayed throughout the experience. In addition, Black Power fist statues, pictures of Black Panther revolutionary Huey Newton, and the Pan-African flag adorn a striking Black room, with Afeni Shakur’s We Will Win poem proudly coating the exhibit’s wall.

Chief Curator of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nwaka Onwusa, curated the exhibit with the intention of capturing the essence of Tupac’s life story, including his mother’s history.

“To celebrate while educating audiences on the significance of Tupac Shakur could not have been done without looking at his mother, Afeni Shakur. Behind every strong man is a woman,” Onwusa said, speaking about the significance of Afeni’s inclusion in the Wake When I’m Free exhibit as another layer of Pac’s life. “They were both ‘hell raisers’ in their unique ways, and this exhibit is impactful for Tupac fans and music enthusiasts alike. This immersive experience has helped humanize such a timeless icon.”

After touring the groundbreaking museum, fans can also head across the street to grab a bite in Tupac’s memory as the Shakur Estate has brought the rapper’s Powamekka Café to L.A., just as he envisioned it.

Partnering with Fixins Soul Kitchen at L.A. Live, the pop-up café will be open for a limited time between June 16-30 and offers meatloaf, gumbo, and famous chicken wings created by Shakur’s cousin, Jamala. All of the menu items were picked by Pac before he passed.

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