Tuesday’s Hot Clicks: Enes Kanter Held a WWE Championship for 22 Seconds

Dan Gartland
Sports Illustrated

Finally, a basketball player did something noteworthy at MSG

Enes Kanter may not have won an NBA title yet, but he did win a championship last night. 

The former Knicks big man returned to Madison Square Garden for WWE Raw last night, where he rolled up R-Truth to capture the WWE 24/7 Championship. Truth pinned Kanter immediately to win it back, but that doesn’t change history—Kanter will forever be a former WWE champion.

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Kanter got more boos than you’d expect for a former fan favorite, but the reaction was even more hostile when he celebrated his win by unzipping his Knicks-colored sweatsuit to reveal a Boston jersey. 

For the unaware, the 24/7 title is just what it sounds like. The titleholder has to be prepared to defend it at any time, so it changes hands all the time (Kanter’s was the 44th title reign in the belt’s four-month history). It’s a gimmick that WWE uses for comedy. One of the longest running storylines surrounding the belt was with Drake Maverick trying to win it so he and his wife could consummate their marriage. That led to Truth pinning Maverick in a hotel room on a bed covered with rose petals. Fox Sports anchor Rob Stone even took it from Truth.

In an interview after the segment, Kanter was proud to have elicited such a strong reaction from the crowd. 

The belt may be a joke but that’s not to say that Kanter isn’t a worthy champion. He’s a longtime WWE fan and has even trained in the ring a little bit with WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page. He’s also rumored to be dating current WWE wrestler Dana Brooke. 

Good job, ESPN

ESPN debuted a new down and distance graphic for Monday Night Football that everyone hated. It made people think there was a flag being thrown on every play. 

It was such a disaster that the network decided to ditch it after just one half. 

No one thought this would be an issue when they discussed it over the summer?

What a finish!

After two duds, the NFL finally gave us a thrilling primetime game. The final minute of Saints-Texans was pure insanity. Just look for yourself.

Quietly, No. 22 for Houston might have lost the game for his team. Why did he touch Ted Ginn down immediately after the catch? If he leaves him alone, the play isn’t over, the clock still runs and the Saints don’t get a chance to use their timeout. 

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