Tuesday's Morning Email: How The Las Vegas Mass Shooting Unfolded


TOP STORIES (And want to get The Morning Email each weekday? Sign up here.) DEATH TOLL RISES TO 59, OVER 500 INJURED IN LAS VEGAS MASS SHOOTING Here’s what we know about the victims in one of the deadliest U.S. mass shootings in modern history. The suspect, Stephen Paddock, had a “cache of weapons.” Take a look at his preparation and how he was able to fire so many shots. Videos and photos show the horror of the chaotic scene, while this graphic breaks down how the terror unfolded. And while ISIS took credit, there is no evidence linking the terrorist group to the shooting. [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook] LAS VEGAS MOURNS A DAY THAT WASN’T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN ​Hundreds gathered for candlelight vigils Monday. Las Vegas officials have created a GoFundMe for shooting victims, and many residents have donated blood. And here’s how you can help the Las Vegas shooting victims. [HuffPost] TOM PETTY DEAD AT 66 After suffering a heart attack. Tributes poured in for the legendary rocker. Watch a powerful moment from his final performance. [HuffPost] FUEL DELIVERIES MAKING IT TO PUERTO RICO Now more than 720 of the island’s 1,100 gas stations are up and running. [HuffPost] INSIDE A WHITE SUPREMACIST MEETING IN TENNESSEE “Something old, something new, some neo-Nazis and some anti-fascists, too.” [HuffPost] U.S. EXPELLING CUBAN DIPLOMATS Following months of mysterious attacks on U.S. embassy staff in Cuba. [Reuters]


INSIDE THE CITY WITH A HUGE PERCENTAGE OF PEOPLE ON THE FBI TERRORIST WATCH LIST “With a large population of Muslim and Arab Americans, Dearborn has the most per capita residents on a shadowy and unaccountable watchlist. It is nearly impossible to find out if you’re on it, let alone get your name off.” [HuffPost] THIS CHEF IS YOUR MOM’S ANSWER TO HER PRAYERS He’s come up with the answer to get rid of phones at the dinner table. [Eater] YES, YOU NEED TO WATCH MARIAH CAREY’S ABSURD INTERVIEW That involves a Christmas tree and the queen of all divas in October. [HuffPost] THE CANDY CORN DEBATE CONTINUES AGAIN We are officially on team corn. [HuffPost] WHY CELEBRITY DEATHS HIT HOME It all comes back to there is no rulebook when it comes to grief. [HuffPost] YOU NEED THIS MUCH EXERCISE A WEEK TO LIVE LONGER And here’s how to get it. Step one: Get off the couch and turn off Netflix. [HuffPost] BEFORE YOU GO

Three Americans win Nobel Prize in Physics for detecting gravitational waves. What to do if you feel traumatized by the Las Vegas shooting. Iconic landmarks around the world went dark after the Las Vegas massacre. Google and Facebook amplified fake news after the shooting began, and gun stocks climbed. Sean Hannity was incensed about gun control conversations in light of the Las Vegas shooting, calling them shameful. And according to Bill O’Reilly, that’s the “price of freedom.” This Sandy Hook senator says “compassion is important, but it is not enough.” Jimmy Kimmel held back tears as he talked about his hometown of Las Vegas. The Supreme Court case that could remake American politics. A government watchdog group is looking into Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s private plane use. “They don’t care about black people dying in the bush.” According to Vivienne Westwood, the secret to staying young is simple. Since we may listen to “Light of the Seven” on repeat every other week, we’re pretty excited that “A Wrinkle In Time” has enlisted “Game of Thrones” composer Ramin Djawadi. This 8-year-old swallowed a pet toy and couldn’t stop squeaking. Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have welcomed a baby boy. Kendall Jenner finally reflects on that Pepsi blowup. This guy’s footwork is insanely fast.

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