Tudor: ‘Most Beautiful Lazio Match Since My Arrival’

Tudor: ‘Most Beautiful Lazio Match Since My Arrival’
Tudor: ‘Most Beautiful Lazio Match Since My Arrival’

Igor Tudor was all smiles after Lazio’s positive 1-0 win over Hellas Verona, analysing the growth of his squad and their strong performance.

The Biancocelesti dominated proceedings at the Stadio Olimpico on Saturday evening, cruising to a 1-0 win after a 72nd minute goal from Mattia Zaccagni. The scoreline could’ve been far greater, considering that both Felipe Anderson and Pedro were unlucky to hit the woodwork.

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The win puts Lazio sixth in the Serie A table with four matches left to play, sitting just behind intercity rivals Roma. As such, Tudor’s side still have the chance to secure European qualification ahead of the summer.

Speaking in a press conference (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), Tudor first reacted to Lazio’s impressive 1-0 win over Hellas Verona.

The victory was beautiful, this was the most complicated match of all, for me it is the most beautiful since I have been here. It comes after a period where we played a lot, with many injuries. We prepared for it like a final, they are treacherous, it was a game where we didn’t make any mistakes.

We started in an excellent way, it became more complicated after they moved to a back five. In the second half we created a lot, even before the goal. Today we have to go game by game, making little mistakes, then we’ll take stock.

He touched on the team’s improving intensity.

A careful game was played behind it. Intensity is important for us, we are growing with training and the men from the bench have kept it high, then the quality of the individuals also helps us.

The Croatian coach commented on his changes in the second half.

We put two offensive players in the back five with Felipe and Zaccagni to push more, with Pedro, Luis Alberto and Castellanos in the centre. An offensive choice, they are two guys who can play that role.

Then we scored goals and to give balance we put Hysaj. Guendouzi and Kamada held their own in the centre, Vecino came in to also give space.

Tudor discussed the importance of this win on a mentality level.

When you’re at 0-0 you always have to stay on top of things and believe, the goals that come after having created so much make me proud. The fact that the team stays on track means that we have a mentality.

We’re capable of going high, but without going too far. Defending is done with heart and head, not just with tactics. Having conceded little also comes from this.

He was asked how he’s managed to make the team so creative.

We just worked, compared to before there are just different ways of interpreting. We want to create with many players, sometimes we succeed more, other times less.

But this desire to attack without losing anything is there. Then when we have strong, quality players score goals, especially if they score in the last 25 meters.

Finally, Tudor gave his thoughts on Hellas Verona.

Verona will have no problems in saving themselves, Baroni has prepared the match great, they have the right mentality, they are combative. I wish them to save themselves, but looking at the team, in my opinion they will be saved.