Tucupita Marcano of the Padres faces lifetime ban for betting on baseball

Before the U.S. Supreme Court opened the floodgates for state-by-state legalized gambling, sports betting controversies were few and far between. Now, it's happening almost monthly.

Via multiple reports, Padres infielder Tucupita Marcano faces a lifetime ban for betting on baseball.

Per Lindsay Adler of the Wall Street Journal, at least four other players are under investigation for betting on baseball.

The widespread legalization of wagering on sports has removed the stigma and, in states where it's legal to bet, made it very easy. Recent controversies feel like the tip of the iceberg, especially as more players who grew up in a world of DraftKings and FanDuel apps on their phones enter pro sports completely desensitized to it.

Marcano, 24, made his MLB debut with the Padres in 2021. He played for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2022 and 2023. He is currently back with the Padres, and he's currently recovering from a torn ACL.

Although the NFL has suspended several players, it has yet to issue a lifetime ban. And it has yet to experience the kind of scandal that would call into question of the integrity of the game — even though people already are doing so, by assuming normal incidents of the game are the result of games being rigged.