Tua Tagovailoa attends Tuesday's practice, was present for two sessions last week

Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has been in and out of the team's offseason program as he seeks a new contract. But according to head coach Mike McDaniel, Tagovailoa attended two of last week's sessions and is in the building for Tuesday's OTA practice.

While McDaniel has noted that he's not getting involved in the negotiations, he has seen solid progress from the 26-year-old quarterback — particularly because Tagovailoa is entering his third year in McDaniel's system.

“[I]n the short amount of time … we saw some growth and development in what we're specifically asking him to do,” McDaniel said. “So, it's been very exciting because at this point, we're like, ‘Alright, let's really push ourselves to challenge this guy because all he ends up doing is rising to the challenge within what we ask him to do.’

“I think to expect the same if not more growth within your game from each year, I don't think is crazy. I think for us to expect just as much if not more from Year 2 to Year 3 is very safe for our expectations. And I know he feels the same way, too, there are a lot of places where we can get our game better.”

McDaniel added that Tagovailoa's work with private instructor John Beck this offseason has likely resulted in more arm strength.

"I think he, without thinking, has probably generated a little more force on some throws that he’s trying to drive,” McDaniel said. "I think just that connectivity to your game and finding — or trying to un-earth every single inch and iota of professional development, that in and of itself, you're headed in the right direction.”

Tagovailoa played all 17 regular-season games for the first time in his career last season. He finished with 4,624 yards, 29 touchdowns, 14 interceptions, and a 69.3 percent completion rate.