TSM and CLG are in the NA LCS finals (again)

Taylor Cocke

(Photo: Lolesports/Riot Games)

Oh, come ON, North America.

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Look, I get it. TSM is the Team of Destiny. They’re the Yankees. They’re the Patriots, and Bjergsen is Tom Brady. An NA LCS finals without TSM is unheard of as of yet, and quite frankly just seems wrong. And really, TSM vs. CLG is the ideal finals for anyone who loves them some grudge match action. This is North American League of Legends’ El Clasico.

But for once, can we just embrace the wrong? Can we let an upstart squad like Immortals (is it even fair to call them upstarts at this point?) take just one final? I’m not asking for much, here.

Why couldn’t Dardoch carry Team Liquid past CLG? What happened to Huni and Reignover taking over matches for Immortals? The NA LCS was prime for a big change, we didn’t get it, and I’m upset.

(Photo: Lolesports/Riot Games)

Immortals plz

It’s true that the meta wasn’t right for Immortals. Tanks in the top lane mean that Huni’s carry antics don’t go as far as they should. Reignover’s supportive junglers struggled against the carry junglers of Svenskeren. Pobelter, well, he met Bjergsen’s true form for the first time this season. Once mid game rolled around, the top half of the map became all TSM, with Hauntzer showing off his prowess on tanks to counter Huni’s picks of Graves, Gangplank, and Lucian(!?).

Immortals. Guys. Please. Your picks indicated that you hadn’t prepared yourselves fully for the task at hand, and it showed. Maybe it’s indicative of the new organization surrounding the squad, but the lack of prep was absolutely killer. For a team to be the best in their region (or the world), they must be able to adapt quickly and efficiently. That didn’t happen here.

As a result, things didn’t go quite that well. Immortals’ 17-1 season was rendered all but irrelevant by a 3-0 stomping. TSM’s storyline buff was simply too strong.

(Photo: Lolesports/Riot Games)

Oh come on, CLG

CLG will be joining TSM in the finals. Because NA. Because destiny.

Darshan and company have been a threat the whole spring split, finishing in 2nd place and just ahead of Cloud9. So, they’ve always been good.

But now, after the semifinals, we know that they’re the real deal. Darshan has become a massive carry threat for his team, even during the tank meta. His Ekko is downright ban-worthy, essentially freeing up a ban for his team. Stixxay is coming into his own as a young player, no longer afraid of anyone in the bottom lane. Even Xmithie has become a playmaker, showing up during the playoffs as both Elise and Kindred. And Aphromoo is still Aphromoo.

Oh, and there was that ridiculous double TP play at the end of Game 5. That was pretty cool, and indicative of some very solid and creative shotcalling.

And, of course, this split wouldn’t be complete without Doublelift facing off against the team that tossed him off on the biggest stage North America has to offer. It’s so perfect, I’m a bit upset about it. It really has to be scripted, right? It’s destiny.

Okay, fine. Maybe it wasn’t destiny. Maybe the better teams just won.

Taylor Cocke is totally okay with this NA LCS finals. He just can’t believe it. Follow him on Twitter @taylorcocke.

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