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TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / August 17, 2021 / When it comes to mortgages, homebuyers usually only care about the process being easy enough for them to get through, and the rates being low enough for them to afford. But, getting on with the mortgage process on your own isn't easy, especially if you're going through the bank. Big financial institutions have strict lending requirements, and people who look to banks to get their mortgage, but don't have the required credit rating, are going to find themselves at a loss of what to do next. That is, unless they connect with a mortgage service that offers the whole package: real guidance, honest advice, and access to the best possible rates.

Marley Mortgages is no stranger to providing their clients with a mortgage service that is holistic, and checks all the boxes, not just for the mortgage process, but also for future financial success. As one of the most efficient mortgage brokerages in Canada, homebuyers can count on their pool of expert mortgage professionals to put a client's interests before anything else, and provide other kinds of valuable mortgages, like refinancing, renewals, 2nd mortgages, and many more.

We approached one of their skilled mortgage brokers, Owen Gray, to ask about what a broker with Marley Mortgages does for their clients. He had this to say: "We strive to provide the highest quality customer service to our clients. This involves finding the best possible mortgage rate and giving good advice for their specific circumstances, because we know each client has their own unique needs."

"And because of our many services, we don't just cater to first time home buyers. We also serve homeowners looking to get a 2nd mortgage, families hoping to consolidate their debt, and retirees hoping to get suitable insurance options to live their best life." He continues.

As mentioned at the start of this article, many homebuyers suffer from the delusion that the main goal of obtaining a mortgage is to get it for the lowest rate possible. In fact, there's more that goes into a successful mortgage process than just scouring the market for rock-bottom rates. According to Owen, "they think they want the lowest rate but that is only a small part of the process." The reality is, what's important in a mortgage process is having a mortgage broker by your side who you can trust to "do the right thing each and every time". This means maximizing the maneuvers in the process to save clients more money on mortgage fees and interest fees, educating them on good financial practices that will have them spending money as efficiently as possible, and developing the financial acumen to retire and take care of their family.

There is a saying- "trust starts with truth, and ends with truth"- and the truth is, banks won't afford the true possibilities of becoming a homeowner to many of the people who apply for a mortgage with less than stellar credit scores and no idea how to build their wealth. But, an expert mortgage broker with Marley Mortgages on the other hand, is likely to pull out all the stops to build trust with you, optimize your finances, help you move into a dream home, and provide you the education you need to reach your financial goals before and after retirement. This is the truth of the holistic mortgage service provided by brokers from Marley Mortgages.

For any of your mortgage needs, don't waste time at the bank! If you want the best options, and the best solutions, completely tailored to your particular needs, connect with the expert mortgage brokers at Marley Mortgages using the contact details listed below, and begin your journey to financial success.


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