The Trumps’ awkward moment or fake news? Newsroom reacts

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“How is this news? Will you people ever stop?” “She is embarrassed it’s obvious.” A video of President Trump and first lady Melania has gone viral, but what’s really happening in the clip?

Several media stories claim that Trump appeared to be trying to hold his wife’s hand but was spurned, or he just missed. In the video, the Trumps are spotted leaving the White House and Melania is wearing a stunning yellow coat that she’s draped over her shoulders. Her husband appeared to go in for her hand but instead got a handful of her coat sleeve.

For many it was reminiscent of the famous hand-swatting incident last May, when a presumably peeved Melania pushed POTUS away. A large majority of Newsroom readers are screaming fake news. “The so called news continues to hate our president.” Trump detractors see it much differently: “fake marriage, fake president.”

What do you see? Join the conversation in Newsroom.

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