Trump’s tweet about mail-in ballot ‘problems’ flagged as ‘disputed’ or ‘misleading’

Bailey Aldridge
·2 min read

President Donald Trump’s tweet about mail-in ballots and the Nov. 3 election was flagged by Twitter for sharing “disputed” information that “might be misleading.”

The president tweeted Monday evening about what he called “big problems and discrepancies” with mail-in ballots across the country.

“Must have final total on November 3rd,” he wrote.

Twitter has since added a label above the president’s tweet: “Some or all of the content shared in this tweet is disputed and might be misleading about how to participate in an election or another civic process.”

The platform also added a link to “learn how voting by mail is safe and secure.”

A record number of Americans are expected to cast absentee ballots this election due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and states have sought to expand access. But Trump and some Republican lawmakers have repeatedly said without evidence that increased mail-in voting is a recipe for fraud and hurts the president’s chances of reelection.

Experts have said mail-in voting is safe and secure and doesn’t favor one party over another.

Legal battles over mail-in voting have erupted across the country, including those focused on the deadline for counting votes after Election Day as an expected deluge of mailed ballots threatens to overwhelm the U.S. Postal Service, potentially causing delays.

Experts have said the results of the election likely won’t be clear on election night or even in the days or weeks following.

This isn’t the first time Twitter has put such a label on one of the president’s tweets.

Earlier this month, the platform labeled his post about being immune to COVID-19 after recovering from the virus as “misleading and potentially harmful.”

This comes after Twitter announced policy changes concerning election disinformation, Axios reports.