Trump Administration is the 'dark future' 'Mr. Robot' was trying to avoid

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Mr. Robot returned for the first time since Donald Trump was elected, and it didn't take long before the show compared the fictional America devastated by fsociety to what's going on in real-life America right now. With Elliot coming to the realization that he made things worse instead of better, he delivered a scathing monologue directed toward the Trump Administration.

As Elliot walked around the power outage-darkened streets, flashes of current events like protests and Trump's inauguration flashed on the screen. "Yeah, well, I f*cked society, all right. I reset it to zero, and if I don't do anything about it, it will continue to grow in this malignant way. And that's what I'm afraid of the most. This dark future that I set into motion. Who knows what could come from this?" Elliot says before video of Trump saying "Thank you" from behind a podium.

Images of people building a border wall were mixed with fights breaking out at Trump rallies as Elliot said, "They'll even have us build our own prison. This is what they wanted all along. For us to buy in on our worst selves. And I just made it easier for them. I didn't start a revolution. I just made us docile enough for their slaughtering."

With so much changing in America since the end of the second season, it'll be interesting to see exactly where Mr. Robot takes fans this season. Hold on tight!

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