Trump accused of using O.J. defense strategy against Mueller investigation

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On Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, Oliver argued that Donald Trump has gone "full O.J." in his defense against the Mueller investigation.

Oliver explained what going full O.J means, saying, "In one sense, it means to murder two people. But it also means to sway a jury by building a wild, implausible conspiracy that the system is corrupted."

Oliver pointed to Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and FOX News use of "whataboutisms" and counter narratives that claim this investigation is part of a massive conspiracy by the FBI, Democrats, and even Republicans to stop Trump.

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Oliver also pointed out that the arguments don't make sense, saying "If absolutely everyone, from Hillary to the FBI to Trey Gowdy, was in on a deep-state plan to sabotage Trump, how the f*** is he president right now? Basically everyone in the country got together to steal an election, and then for some reason, forgot to do it."

In less than a year, support for the Muller investigation is down 8%. Which means Trump's O.J. defense is working well.

Oliver ended by expressing his genuine concern that all the counter narratives are going to lead to the FBI losing in the court of public opinion. He said, "My fear is right now is that we're headed in a direction where, even if Mueller comes back with irrefutable evidence, Trump could just pardon himself and put out a book called "If I Did It," and a large portion of the country would f***ing buy it."

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver airs Sundays at 11 p.m. on HBO.

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