'Trump 2020' banner unfurled at Yankee Stadium

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A large ‘Trump 2020’ was hung from the upper deck in right field at Yankee Stadium on Sunday. (AP Photo)
A large ‘Trump 2020’ was hung from the upper deck in right field at Yankee Stadium on Sunday. (AP Photo)

For all the cries of “stick to sports” from those who view athletic events as a respite from the world of politics, even the hardliners must admit it’s getting hard to separate the two.

It’s especially hard to avoid combining state and sports when fans are openly campaigning at the ballpark.

Look no further than Yankee Stadium on Sunday afternoon. Sometime around the eighth inning, fans in right field unfurled a large banner advocating for the re-election of Donald Trump for president in 2020.

Trump offered his public thanks for the support on Instagram on Tuesday, too.

Thank you! #Repost @foxnews ・・・ A huge “Trump 2020” banner was unfurled at the New York Yankees game on Sunday by fans of President Donald J. Trump’s early campaign push.

A post shared by President Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on Jul 31, 2018 at 11:16am PDT

Granted, the midterm elections haven’t occurred yet, so it’s hard to think past this year, but the Yankees should really focus on getting to October before they set their sights on November.

With Aaron Judge on the disabled list, and New York still five games back of the Red Sox in the American League East, it’d be silly to start looking looking this far ahead. The trade deadline hasn’t even passed yet. And August is always a tough stretch with every contending team searching high and low for momentum.

There hasn’t been any word on the fans who brought the banner to the game or how long it was allowed to stay up. With Donald Trump having won just 5 percent of the vote in The Bronx in the 2016 election, the more curious question here is how did the banner make it into Yankee Stadium at all?

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