Truck Accident Lawyers At Munley Law Obtain Record $26 Million Settlement

In 2018, Munley Law obtained a record $26 million settlement for the victim of a truck crash in northeastern Pennsylvania. For more than six decades, this nationally recognized law firm has helped victims of personal injury cases get justice.

SCRANTON, PA / ACCESSWIRE / May 28, 2020 / According to announcements released by Munley Law, in 2018, truck accident lawyers at the law firm obtained a record $26 million settlement in a truck accident case. In northeastern Pennsylvania, the settlement is the largest one recorded till date for an individual plaintiff. The crash victim suffered a traumatic brain injury. The verdict obtained by Munley Law ensured that the plaintiff, fighting life-threatening injuries, had the resources for treatment and other expenses. For over 60 years, the law firm has protected innocent victims and even helped create laws to this effect.

According to sources, Munley Law offers its clients an iron-clad guarantee under which the client pays only if the lawyers are successful in obtaining financial compensation. The firm uses all its experience, skill, and insight to ensure a favorable judgement for its clients. Munley Law has represented car drivers, passengers, motorcycle riders, bicyclists, truckers, and pedestrians who have suffered injuries in an accident with a truck or a tractor-trailer. The firm has the experience and expertise to handle complicated cases that involve more complexities than a car accident. Munley Law has represented victims in truck crash cases all over America and obtained justice in these heavily defended cases.

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Munley Law said, "The truck accident lawyers at Munley Law represent drivers, passengers, cyclists, bikers, pedestrians, and truckers who have been hurt in an accident with a large truck or tractor-trailer. When you've been hit by a large truck, you need to know your case is in the best possible hands. Commercial truck and tractor-trailer accidents can be far more devastating and complicated than a regular car accident. That's why they should only be handled by a law firm with years of experience and a record of success handling this specific case type.'

He continued to say, "Munley Law is unique in that our firm has developed a special focus on these complex, heavily defended cases. For more than 60 years, the truck accident lawyers at Munley Law have represented truck crash victims throughout the United States. Our nationwide truck accident attorneys are dedicated experts in aggressively pursuing the justice and compensation that our clients deserve. Each member of our firm has extensive experience in these heavily defended truck injury cases."

On why the firm represents the best chance a plaintiff has for a just settlement, Munley Law said, "In 2018, truck accident lawyers at Munley Law achieved the highest settlement for a single plaintiff in our region - $26 million for the victim of a truck accident who suffered a traumatic brain injury. If you want proof that not all personal injury firms are created equal, look no further than our track record. We won't settle with the insurance company for less than you deserve, and we will fight in court on your behalf if necessary."

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