Troy Aikman talks candidly about his thoughts on future front office role with Cowboys

Troy Aikman has watched the Cowboys’ endeavors from the broadcast booth a close eye on the organization. As a member of the FOX broadcast team, he’s commented on Dallas’ decisions during games while popping up now and then to criticize his former team.

The three-time Super Bowl champion recently appeared on The Ben and Skin Show, and among the topics discussed was whether he would ever have a role within the organization. Aikman detailed what he expected after he retired as a quarterback, saying he thought broadcast was just the start for him for “a few years” before transferring into a role for an NFL front office.

Host Ben Rogers told him he hoped Aikman would take over as general manager in Dallas and the Hall of Fame quarterback put it into perspective.

“I thought my skills would be better used in the front office, but then my personal circumstances changed,” Aikman said. “And as I was talking about earlier with my girls, I became a single father when they were quite young and I was raising them and I just felt that it would be extremely selfish on my part to pursue a career as an executive knowing the amount of time that was required.”

Fast forward from his early years at FOX and now taking over ESPN’s Monday Night Football booth with longtime broadcast partner Joe Buck, Aikman admitted the door is open for him as an empty nester now that his kids have grown up.

Now 55 years old, Aikman noted the league’s trend of hiring younger guys for GM positions. He hasn’t completely closed the door on being of help to an NFL front office, though.

“I think the GM road has probably passed but what I wouldn’t rule out is at some point in time, whether that’s with Dallas, now they’ve not reached out to me, or if it’s with some other club,” Aikman said. “I could see having some kind of role to where I do think that I have something to offer that I think could really help a club if utilized and used the right way and if it was, it might be something down the road I would consider.”

Aikman didn’t hesitate to bring up the Cowboys for the opportunity even if they haven’t been in discussion for it. Cowboys fans pining for regime change in Dallas for an organization that hasn’t figured out how to conquer their own conference much less the entire league will remain hopeful.

For now, Aikman is committed to ESPN but he isn’t ruling out a transition at some point.


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