Trophy Room: Cavalier, North Dakota, 10-year-old lands 31-inch Lake Winnipeg walleye

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Fargo anglers Peter Matthei (top photos) and Rex Carlson (bottom photos) scored these muskies, among others, while attending the third annual Minnesota Musky School, held Aug.26-Sept. 7 at Agency Bay Lodge on Leech Lake near Walker, Minnesota. Matthei's muskies measured 52.25 inches (top left photo) and 44 inches. Carlson's muskies measured 43 inches (bottom left) and 47 inches.

The "school" includes seven days of fishing, daily wrap-ups on what's hot and where to fish, presentations by professional guides and guided trips, Carlson said.

"Peter and I did well," he said in an email. "We fished four of the seven days and caught eight decent muskies, including two over 52 inches. We caught most of them at or just after sundown — on a full moon — on large rubber baits fishing the weeds and drop-offs in Walker Bay."

Carlson says he and Matthei fish muskies as often as they can starting about the end of June. Carlson has been fishing muskies for four years, he says, while Matthei has been in pursuit of the big fish — some might call it an addiction — a bit longer.

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