Trivia Time: Test your knowledge of MLB in the 2000s

(Michael Wagstaffe / Yahoo Sports)
(Michael Wagstaffe / Yahoo Sports)

Thus far in our Trivia Time offerings, we’ve delved into things like baseball trivia from the 1990s, winners of the Cy Young Award over the years and various other themes from decades past. Well, if you’re younger and wanted something that is more in tune with your generation, this week, we have just the think.

Let’s see what you know about baseball in the 2000s!

Yes, we’re talking about Barry Bonds, Derek Jeter, the Yankees winning titles and so much more.

Let’s see how you do.

Well, how did you do?

12-for-12: You’re the Derek Jeter of ‘00s Trivia!

9-11: You’re aughtstanding!

6-8: No trophy, but it was a solid effort.

5 or fewer: Maybe the 80s are your thing, bro.

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