Tristan Wirfs helps NFC win ‘Move the Chains’ Pro Bowl challenge

Tristan Wirfs has always been a people mover, and now, he’s won a Pro Bowl competition to prove it.

Wirfs was a part of the “Move the Chains” competition between the NFC and the AFC at the Pro Bowl, which was a test of strength in more ways than on. Per the NFL’s official description, each team of five players must work together to move 3,000 pounds of weights off a massive wall and be the first team to pull that 2,000-pound wall across the finish line. The winner will earn three points for their conference.

Wirfs, of course, played for the NFC, and he was able to help them win by moving the weight off the wall and then pulling the wall across the finish line. It didn’t come without effort, though, as Wirfs conducted the post-game interview for the NFC and was clearly winded after the experience.

Check out the competition above and what Wirfs had to say about it afterward below:

Story originally appeared on Buccaneers Wire