Tristan Thompson trolled with 'Khloé' chant during NBA game

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Tristan Thompson was the focus of fans' attention during the NBA playoffs Tuesday night, but the reason had nothing to do with basketball. The Cleveland Cavaliers player was heckled by rival Toronto Raptors fans during the game, bringing the recent Khloé Kardashian scandal to the court.

During the fourth quarter of the nail-biting game, Thompson stood at the free throw line with three minutes remaining. Raptors fans attempted to distract the NBA star by chanting “Khloé” while he took his shots.

But referencing the Khloé-Tristan cheating scandal — the one where he was caught kissing another woman just days before the pregnant reality star gave birth to their daughter — didn’t faze the player one bit. Thompson sunk both shots, and the Cavaliers ended up winning the game.

Thompson, however, isn’t winning over any fans. The trolling continued on social media, with many calling the “Khloé” chant hilarious.

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