“Trip of a Lifetime” Durant’s Jordan Enfield meets Caitlin Clark in Albany

“Trip of a Lifetime” Durant’s Jordan Enfield meets Caitlin Clark in Albany

The trip of a lifetime. Jordan Enfield, her mom and aunt took a car, two planes and a bus from Durant, Iowa to Albany, New York to watch the Hawkeyes play in the Sweet 16 and Elite Eight.

“We watched the game that Monday night and as it finished up we surprised her,” Jordan’s mom Denice said. “Bated her a bit and asked what happened next? They go to the sweet 16! Oh where’s that? Albany. Do you want to go? Then she was like what?!”

Once Jordan arrived at the arena, there was a game plan.

“We were really up high and I was going down towards the front with everyone else and then shove my way through,” Jordan said.

The plan? Worked. Jordan took all kinds of pictures with players.

“I got a picture with Gabbie (Marshall) and the people who escorted her said hey we need to go but I was able to get a selfie with her before she left. A.J. Ediger. She was really going around for a lot of people so that was an easy one. Dawn Staley. She told everybody to just put their phones up and turn around. Kamilla Cardoso. Was one of the few to get one with her. Grabbed my phone and took this picture.”

“To watch her see all those games on Friday and then process ‘Hey there is a crowd down there. The players are talking to the crowd and taking selfies and autographs.” She asked me if I could go down and do that tomorrow when the Hawks are here and I was like yeah sure,” Denice said. “She figured it out and was awesome to see her make things happen.

With everyone Jordan met, she still wanted one autograph from her favorite player, Caitlin Clark and scored.

“I was just crying and it was amazing. Her threes and her confidence,” Jordan said. “Her ability to see the court. She just keeps training and never says this is good enough.”

Jordan returned to Durant late Tuesday night after Iowa’s win Monday over LSU and watching Clark play, motivated Jordan right away.

“The next morning, I went to weights because I saw Caitlin and want to be just like her and work as hard as her.”

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