A trip down baseball memory lane at the Grovewood Museum

Morristown, TN — If you are a baseball fan …. there is a must-see destination in Morristown… the Grovewood museum started as a hobby for Jamison Pack

Pack started the museum in his house after getting permission from his wife to use one room, but it kept growing so he rented a space for 11 exhibits starting from the Civil War era to the early 2000s with over 1,000 authentic pieces. With that many trips down Victory Lane pack says it’s hard to pick which is his favorite.

“It changes all the time because it’s an emotional thing, right? So I’ll get something like a big ticket item and I’m like, I can’t top it. Right. And then like, let’s say a couple of months later, a few months later, I get something and it’s like, Oh, okay, that’s the new favorite. That’s a Can’t Tell Me. So that happens all the time. The Babe Ruth homerun ball is very popular. The Lou Gehrig homerun ball is very popular. I got a ball from Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak. That’s that’s a cool item. I’ve got some game-used jerseys that are pretty cool. You know, the Ty Cobb that I mean there’s a lot of things it’s easier to say a top ten or top 15 for me than to pick a favorite, says Pick”

The museum can only be seen by private tours and Pack said his next meet and greet will be with another Kingsport met Darryl Strawberry very shortly

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