Triller sues 12 websites for allegedly illegally streaming Jake Paul-Ben Askren PPV

Triller filed lawsuit in U.S. District Court in the Central District of California against 12 sites and 100 unnamed persons alleging they stole the signal of Triller’s pay-per-view bout between Jake Paul and Ben Askren on April 17 and resold it at a lower rate than the $49.99 price it was asking.

Triller alleges many of the streams emanated from YouTube channels. The complaint alleges the defendants included links to PayPal to pay for the stolen stream. The complaint said damages are in excess of $100 million after there were upward of 2 million unique viewers of the streams.

In a statement provided to Yahoo Sports by a Triller spokesperson, Triller said:

“It’s shocking to think a theft so grand can be done so blatantly and brazenly. There is zero difference between what they did and walking into a market, stealing tons of a product and selling it at a discount in the parking lot. It’s neither civilly nor criminally any different and we are prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law, including working with authorities to bring swift action.

“There were far over 2 million illegal streams, akin to hundreds of millions of dollars. Sites … causing significant damage not just to Fight Club but content creators overall. People put a lot of hard work, time and money into creating a product for the consumer and having it stolen and resold is terribly damaging. As this is a true crime, they are not protected by VPN masking or other firewalls as their activities are criminal and grand theft so we will ultimately find them and prevail not just for us but for content creators in general.”

Among the sites named in the complaint that allegedly stole the stream and then resold it are:

Trendy Clips


Your Extra

Eclipt Gaming


Does 1-100

Triller alleges copyright infringement; violations of the Federal Communications Act; conversion; breach of contract; conspiracy; and violations of the computer fraud and abuse act.

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