We tried Lizzo's hack for making 'Cheesy Takis'

These 'Cheesy Takis' are actually vegan

Video Transcript

So a while back, Lizzo shared this wild-looking recipe for making vegan cheesy Takis. But can a vegan recipe really be this gooey and cheesy? To find out, we're going to make this thing ourselves.


So anyone who follows Lizzo on TikTok knows that she's not only an incredible singer, but also the queen of viral recipes. And personally, I'm really excited to try these because if I can cook like a pop star maybe I can finally live up to my big famous musician older brother, Skillon Rockson. He is a bona fide, established, tried and true, famous rock star. And he's always showing off around my family and making me feel bad. So we're going to give this a go and see if I can finally compete with Skillon.

All right, so to start we're going to make our vegan cheese in a blender by combining some cooked Japanese yams, some high protein Tofu, some garlic, some onions, some nutritional yeast, some salt and pepper, a little bit of habanero hot sauce, and a few slices of vegan smoked Gouda. Lizzo doesn't use measurements, so neither are we. Then we're tossing all those together in the blender, turning this baby on, and seeing what comes out. When that's ready, we're going to pour this baby, while it's hot, on top of our Takis and get ready to dig in.

All right, so we're just going to try these and rate them on an overall score out of 10.


Oh man, these things are delicious. The only knock would be, the sauce on the top doesn't taste exactly like cheese. But honestly, this stuff is so good. I would eat it just out of the bowl. We're going to give it an 8 out of 10 overall. And maybe, just maybe, it'll be enough to make me cooler than my older brother, Skillon Rockson.