I tried Jennifer Aniston's official go-to salad – it's as hearty as she says it is, but lacks a tasty dressing

Jennifer Aniston (L) and her favorite salad (R).
Jennifer Aniston (L) and her favorite salad (R).Steve Granitz/FilmMagic, Maria Noyen/Insider
  • Jennifer Aniston has finally shared the recipe for her go-to salad.

  • It comes a year after she debunked a viral TikTok that claimed she ate a Cobb salad for 10 years.

  • I tried the "Friends" actor's salad – it's as hearty as she says it is, but lacks a good dressing.

A year after Jennifer Aniston debunked a viral TikTok that claimed to share her favorite salad recipe, the "Friends" actor finally unveiled her actual go-to salad.

Jennifer Aniston in a champaigne colored dress
Jennifer Aniston.Jennifer Aniston/Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty

Those on TikTok will remember that 2022 was the year Jennifer Aniston's supposed go-to salad recipe went viral. At the time, food bloggers such as @themodernnonna were sharing videos of how to make the salad Aniston was rumored to have eaten every day on the set of "Friends."

Despite the recipe going viral, it turned out the leafy-green recipe wasn't actually Aniston's go-to. The actor herself chimed into the discourse in a June 2022 interview with Shape, saying that her real recipe was totally different.

"I feel like I'm disappointing everybody, but that's not my salad," Aniston said. "It looks delicious, but it's not the salad I had on 'Friends.'"

A whole year later and Aniston is finally giving the people want they want: her official salad recipe.

During a recent appearance on Today discussing her new partnership with Pvolve, a low-impact, light resistance-based online workout, the actor shared the ingredients that make up her go-to salad. Naturally, I put it to the test.

Aniston said her actual go-to salad recipe is "hearty" and "always" features cheese.

The ingredients for Jennifer Aniston's salad.
The ingredients for Jennifer Aniston's salad.Maria Noyen/Insider

The ingredients Aniston's salad calls for include:

  • Butter lettuce

  • Mushrooms

  • Sprouts

  • Tomato

  • Avocado

  • Kalamata olives

  • Sliced parmesan, pecorino, or feta

  • Sliced almonds

  • Sunflower seeds

  • Chopped or poached egg

  • Vinaigrette, oil and vinegar, or ranch dressing.

The first thing I did was wash my greens so I wouldn't forget later on.

The first thing I did was wash my greens.
The first thing I did was wash my greens.Maria Noyen/Insider

I'm also not fussed about having a super chopped salad so I tend to just break up the leaves using my hands.

For added protein, I boiled two eggs for eight minutes.

I boiled two eggs for eight minutes.
I boiled two eggs for eight minutes.Maria Noyen/Insider

Aniston didn't specify any quantities for the ingredients in her salad but I like egg, so I decided to boil two to top off my greens.

While the eggs boiled, I focused on chopping the rest of my ingredients.

The rest of the chopped ingredients.
The rest of the chopped ingredients.Maria Noyen/Insider

I couldn't find any sliced almonds at my local grocery store so opted to roughly chop some whole ones up.

I'm also not a huge fan of raw mushrooms as I think they lack taste and have a rubbery texture, but Aniston didn't say she cooked hers so I decided to keep them uncooked for the purposes of staying true to her recipe.

If you can, I would try to find Kalamata olives that are already pitted.

The Kalamata olives required I remove the pips.
The Kalamata olives.Maria Noyen/Insider

This part of the salad prep took the most time. If I were to make this salad again during a lunch break, I probably would opt for buying olives that were already pitted in order to have my meal ready quicker.

Once the eggs were boiled, I popped them in an ice bath so they'd be easier to peel.

Shocking the boiled eggs.
Shocking the boiled eggs.Maria Noyen/Insider

This also meant the eggs weren't at a boiling hot temperature in my salad.

Once I added in slices of avocado, I added the final crunchy toppings.

Topping the salad off with sunflower seeds.
Topping the salad off with sunflower seeds.Maria Noyen/Insider

These included sunflower seeds, sprouts, and crumbled feta cheese. Aniston said she goes for either feta or sliced parmesan and pecorino. I chose feta because I find it to be a lot more flavorful and I could just crumble it up using my hands.

The finished product was a colorful salad that looked way more professional than my usual recipes.

The finished salad.
The finished salad.Maria Noyen/Insider

There's something about adding sprouts and sunflower seeds, which aren't typical ingredients I source for my everyday salads, that made this meal look restaurant-worthy.

But before I sampled the salad, I added an olive oil and vinegar mixture.

Adding the olive oil and vinegar.
Adding the olive oil and vinegar.Maria Noyen/Insider

This part of the recipe had me skeptical from the outset. For a dressing, Aniston said she simply adds either vinaigrette, oil and vinegar, or ranch "if it's the weekend."

For me, a dressing is a make-or-break part of a salad because that's where you can experiment with the seasoning and flavors. Mixing together just oil and vinegar seemed like a bit of a lackluster ending to what I thought looked like a delicious salad otherwise.

The salad itself was as hearty as Aniston says, but I felt it was lacking flavor.

My first bite.
My first bite.Maria Noyen/Insider

I loved the crunch of the seeds, the texture of the beansprouts, and the saltiness of the feta, but for me personally, I needed a bit more flavor. Without it, I wasn't a huge fan of the raw mushrooms and lettuce.

Because I made quite a big portion, I ended up sharing the bowl with my sister who had similar views. She said she could get a hint of citrus from the vinegar but otherwise agreed that seasoning or a flavor-packed dressing would've really nailed the recipe.

Aniston's salad is a satisfying lunch, made all the better once I added seasonings.

The salad was good, but I personally would've liked it more with a better dressing.
The salad was good, but I personally would've liked it more with a better dressing.Maria Noyen/Insider

Aniston's salad does really do the trick. It's filling and hits most of the food groups that dietitians say are needed to make a satiating salad.

That said, I love seasoning and after trying a few bites of the salad per Aniston's guidance, I couldn't help but sprinkle some salt, pepper, and some additional chili flakes on top for a bit of spice.

And if I do make it again, I'll be sure to follow my own preferences and add a dressing, which usually consists of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, honey, soy sauce, lemon juice, salt, and pepper – because for me, the more flavor, the better.

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