Triathlete’s 2022 Spring Cycling Clothing Roundup

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Choosing your cycling clothing for spring rides can often be more art than science. If you ride early, you could be facing chilly temps, but as your ride progresses, things could heat up, or conditions could change for the worse. Versatility is key.

For our roundup below, our expert testers have chosen jerseys, bibs, outerwear, and accessories that will work in a variety of conditions ranging from chilly (but not sub-zero) to mild to warm--with a little bit of precipitation thrown in. While none of the gear below is intended for riding in flat-out winter conditions (check out this guide for our more hardcore winter cycling gear), when layered properly, you can tackle almost anything you'd find out on the roads--even as things change.

So read on for our top picks with the below seven-point rating system across a wide variety of price points.

Editor's Note: While the gear below was loaned out by the brands represented, all choices were selected independently by the tester without any promotional consideration or brand input. Also, unlike other "best triathlon cycling shoes review" websites, our testers actually wear and try the gear ourselves--no glancing at spec sheets and rewording marketing terms! For more on how we review gear, click here.

2022 Spring Cycling Clothing - The Ratings, Explained

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