Trey Mancini details cancer treatment process, hopes to play in 2020 with delayed season

Mike DePrisco
NBC Sports Washington

It's been about a week since Trey Mancini shared his stage-III colon cancer diagnosis in a Players' Tribune piece, so the Orioles star checked in Tuesday to provide an update on how his treatment has gone.  

Trey Mancini detailed his cancer treatment and said he hoped to return to the field during baseball's postponed season in a new interview with ESPN's John Buccigross this week. 

"I feel kind of tired I'd say and maybe a little queasy for a few days, and then by the time the weekend comes I usually feel much better," Mancini said. "And I try to take advantage of that off-week and work out a little bit and start doing some things to try to keep my strength up."

Mancini said his treatment began on April 14 and is scheduled to go on every other Monday, meaning his next one will be May 12. There are 12 total treatments and May 12 will be his third. Mancini's last treatment is scheduled treatment for September 14.

The type of treatment he's receiving is infusion chemotherapy. He already had surgery to remove the tumor in his colon, but the infusion is used to kill any other cancer cells that may have escaped before the operation took place. 

"Even though the doctor was able to remove the whole tumor you never know if any of the cells can escape to anywhere else," he said. "So it's almost like an insurance chemo."

The coronavirus pandemic has made Mancini's experience different from just about anyone else who's gone through chemotherapy. Social distancing laws make it so he has to go to the hospital alone and use extra caution while he's there. 

Mancini understood the importance of keeping the hospital as clear as possible, so in his case, there's a silver lining to take away from the pandemic. With the 2020 regular season delayed, Mancini has a better chance to return to the field either toward the end of his treatments or shortly thereafter. 

"I know the treatments can take a toll on you more and more as they go on, but I think there's a chance especially if I can keep working out throughout all this and keep my strength up, I think a good goal would be appearing in a game," he said. "Especially if the season were to be extended. That would probably help my chances too. 

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Trey Mancini details cancer treatment process, hopes to play in 2020 with delayed season originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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