Trevor Bauer's agent, Rachel Luba, talks New York fit, was 'happy' to hear Sandy Alderson's comments

Danny Abriano
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Trevor Bauer pitching with Reds (good image, not cropped)
Trevor Bauer pitching with Reds (good image, not cropped)

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Speaking on Tuesday, Mets president Sandy Alderson said free agent Trevor Bauer would be a "great personality" in New York and that he thought he would be embraced by the fans.

Bauer took notice, saying it was "refreshing" to hear.

Also taking notice was Bauer's agent, Rachel Luba.

Speaking with SNY's Michele Margaux on Friday, Luba said that due to how a personality like Bauer's was perceived eight or 10 years ago, you could almost "cross off any big market." That isn't the case anymore.

"We're at this place where there's so much value in being in a big media market and taking advantage of that. ... Having a big following and a big public presence helps these other ventures (that Bauer has)," Luba said. "It's definitely helpful for him. I think he's at a place now where i think he can thrive (in a big market)."

As far as Alderson's comments about her client, Luba expanded on her thoughts from Tuesday when she tweeted that Alderson "gets it."

"I was happy to hear somebody on the MLB side, the team side, acknowledge and vocalize the fact that they are in the entertainment business and that this is entertainment," Luba explained. "Make baseball fun, that's what the sport should be. ... I'm glad somebody said it on the team side and acknowledged it. To me, the coolest part is to see how the narrative has changed on him and in a positive way."

With Bauer among the most sought after free agents on the market, fans have been hitting Luba up across social media, with Mets fans among the most persistent.

"There's been a few (that have been persistent). Mets are one of them," Luba said. "Mets, the Angels, Yankees, Dodgers, and I would say Giants have stepped it up recently. It is interesting to see the certain fan bases that are always in my mentions now."