Trevor Bauer won't stop pummeling 'cheating' Astros on social media

Mark Townsend
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If you thought a delayed start to the 2020 MLB season would work in the Houston Astros favor, think again.

Despite there being no baseball, Major League Baseball’s sign-stealing scandal has remained front and center throughout the month of April. That’s largely due to the anticipation surrounding the release of MLB’s findings in the Boston Red Sox investigation, which were finally released on Tuesday.

But it’s also because some people won’t let the world forget how and where this all started.

That’s where Trevor Bauer comes in. The Cincinnati Reds right-hander was taking shots at the Astros even before Mike Fiers first blew the whistle in November. He’s not about to stop now.

Bauer pummels Astros on social media

In his latest round of jabs, Bauer posted an old Little League photo with a pretty direct message.

First, we go to Instagram.

The caption here reads: “#TBT to a time when the Astros didn’t have to cheat to win...(oh, and there’s already a trash can in the background 👀)”

Indeed, that is a trash can.

On Friday, Bauer posted the same photo with a slightly different message on Twitter.

This comes after Bauer labeled the Astros “cheaters” and “hypocrites” in February. His message is certainly consistent.

Of course, now that we’re nearly six months into this ordeal, some people probably feel it’s time to move on. Especially now that MLB has announced its punishments for both the Astros and Red Sox. But others, such as Bauer, clearly do not agree. To them, the real punishment isn’t the loss of jobs or draft picks, it’s being able to hang these transgressions over their rivals’ heads at any time.

And for anyone who is familiar with Bauer, they know he was already coming after the Astros leading up to the sign-stealing revelations.

Feud with Alex Bregman

Social media is where the bad blood between Bauer and the Astros started, or, more specifically, the bad blood with Alex Bregman.

Bauer posted a tweet suggesting that Astros pitchers were breaking MLB rules to increase their spin rate during their run to the 2017 World Series. Boy, if only he knew then what was really going on. That tweet spawned the now-infamous “Tyler” response from Bregman.

Fortunately, the feud has been mostly contained to social media.

Here’s another video Bauer posted after defeating the Astros one year ago.

Trevor Bauer is gonna Trevor Bauer. That much is clear.

Now that the cheating scandal has opened up a whole new avenue for Bauer to needle the Astros, we suspect this feud won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

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