Trevor Bauer has drone mishap just days before the postseason

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<a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/mlb/players/9122/" data-ylk="slk:Trevor Bauer">Trevor Bauer</a> can’t find one of his drones. (Christopher Katsarov/The Canadian Press via AP, File)
Trevor Bauer can’t find one of his drones. (Christopher Katsarov/The Canadian Press via AP, File)

At least Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer saved his drone drama for the regular season this time around. The 26-year-old lost one of his flying machines at a park in Ohio just days before the postseason is set to begin.

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Bauer told his story to William Kosileski of

“I was flying at the park, and about a minute in I bumped the ground and the GoPro came loose, but I didn’t realize it because the drone stayed in the air,” Bauer said. “I kept flying, and at the end of flight about a minute later, at a completely different part of the park, the drone crashed. It just landed basically. I went over to pick it up and noticed that the GoPro wasn’t there, so I left it there so I knew what the epicenter was, because I figured that’s where it probably came out.”

Eventually, Bauer found his GoPro, but when he went back to get his drone …

“So I got [the GoPro], took it back, packed up my stuff, went to pick up the drone and it was not there. Probably my fault for leaving it sitting unattended for about an hour.”

Yeah, Bauer lost his drone after leaving it unattended for a while. We suppose you could say the drone was stolen, though it’s tough to really blame someone for picking it up if it was sitting by itself for an extended period of time.

There’s still time for a happy ending, though. Bauer mocked up a “missing” poster that he shared on Twitter:

You might notice the humorous #SaveThePinky hashtag at the end of his note. Clearly, Bauer is poking fun at last year’s drone mishap in which he sliced his pinky on one of his drone’s blades. He attempted to pitch despite the injury, but lasted just two-thirds of an inning before it forced him from the game. 

In this case, though, the hashtag might not be so humorous. As Bauer goes on to point out later in the piece, he may have to build a another drone if he doesn’t get this one back.

“It’s one of two. I have the backup one. I still have that. It’s the same frame. Those are the only two in existence. If I don’t get it back, I’ll have to make a third one. And no Cleveland fan wants me to be building a drone right now.”

You hear that, everyone in Cleveland? Scour as much ground as you can in the next couple days. No one wants Bauer to once again to limited in the postseason due to a drone-related issue.


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