Disturbing details emerge in Trevor Bauer assault allegations

Warning: The following article contains graphic allegations of domestic violence and sexual assault. This post has been updated with a response from Bauer's representatives.

One day after news broke that Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer had been accused of assault, details of his accuser's account of their interactions has surfaced.

A temporary ex parte restraining order filed against Bauer and executed on Monday was obtained by The Athletic's Brittany Ghiroli and Katie Strang. The 67-page document reportedly contains detailed descriptions of two sexual encounters the woman says turned violent, with accompanying graphic images of injuries to her head and body.

The alleged victim was granted the temporary order in Los Angeles on Tuesday, with police still investigating the case. Temporary ex parte restraining orders are granted based only on the accuser's statement, setting up a formal hearing – scheduled for July 23 in this case – in which the accused has the opportunity to contest the allegations.

Bauer’s representatives confirmed to Yahoo Sports they plan to contest the allegations at the hearing, and provided screengrabs of a text exchange they say were omitted from the accuser's filing.

Meanwhile, MLB said it became aware of the allegations on Tuesday and would look into them. The Dodgers reportedly issued a statement to The Athletic saying they were also made aware on Tuesday, "take any allegations of this nature very seriously” and immediately contacted Major League Baseball.

What Trevor Bauer is accused of doing

In the document obtained by The Athletic, the woman reportedly claims she met Bauer through Instagram, then drove from San Diego to Los Angeles to meet him on April 21. The pair reportedly had sex she described as initially consensual, with Bauer asking her if she had ever been choked. She reportedly said yes, at which point she says Bauer put his hands around her neck and applied light pressure.

According to the report, the woman alleged Bauer then put his fingers down her throat, at which point she asked him to stop. Bauer reportedly did, but then she claimed he wrapped her hair around her neck and choked her unconscious without asking for consent.

She says she woke up face down on the bed to Bauer allegedly having anal sex with her, something she reportedly never consented to. The woman said she was bleeding from her anus and barely able to walk afterward, but did not think he was a threat to do anything against her will for the remainder of the night.

The woman claims she told Bauer she didn't enjoy him having anal sex with her the following morning, something she said he seemed to understand.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 12: Trevor Bauer #27 of the Los Angeles Dodgers looks on after giving up a hit to Joey Gallo #13 of the Texas Rangers during the fifth inning at Dodger Stadium on June 12, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)
A woman says she had two sexual encounters with Trevor Bauer, with both resulting in violence to which she did not consent. (Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)

Bauer allegedly invited the woman to his house again on May 15 and asked her to agree on a safe word. Five minutes into sex, she claims he started choking her again to the point of unconsciousness. When she awoke, she says Bauer was punching her head several times, with blows to her left jaw, left side of her head and both cheekbones. After punching her, she says he flipped her onto her stomach and choked her again to unconsciousness.

The woman says she started crying and shaking violently when she woke up with pain behind both her ears, to which Bauer allegedly reacted by repeatedly saying, “You’re safe. I’m here. You’re safe.” He then allegedly scratched her back and whispered to her, “I would never do those things to you if it wasn’t sexually.”

To back up her account, the woman reportedly provided multiple pictures to the court showing her face visibly bruised with two black eyes, a bloodied lip and scratches to the side of her face. She has also reportedly provided text messages and voicemails from Bauer afterward to the court.

The woman reportedly underwent two medical evaluations following her second encounter with Bauer, including a trip to the emergency room a day after the second encounter where she had rapid CT scans of her brain, face and neck. She said her medical notes indicated “significant head and facial trauma” with signs of a basilar skull fracture.

Bauer's camp responds with text messages

Bauer's representatives responded to details from the accuser's statement by sending a screengrab to Yahoo Sports of text message exchanges dated between May 9 and May 12, all between the two encounters.

The screengrabs show the pair exchanging flirty banter on May 9, with the alleged victim appearing to say she enjoyed being choked during the first encounter and asking to be slapped in the face, saying "gimme all the pain."

At no point, however, does the alleged victim request to be punched as she alleges Bauer did during the second encounter. The alleged nonconsensual anal sex from the first encounter is not mentioned.

Bauer's camp also provided an archived tweet from the woman's since-deleted Twitter account. The tweet — dated at 1:57 a.m. on May 16, which would have been during the second encounter — also appears to be flirtatious.

Pasadena police investigating Bauer

After giving an account of her time with Bauer to an emergency room psychiatrist and doctor, the woman reportedly met with multiple detectives with the San Diego Police Department. She says she initially downplayed the incident as "rough sex" and didn't provide Bauer's name due to fear of potential repercussions.

From The Athletic:

“I was afraid what Trevor would do if he found out,” the woman said in her account. “I remain afraid that Trevor will find me and hurt me for going to the hospital.”

The Pasadena Police Department reportedly directed the woman to text Bauer, who was allegedly texting the woman "nonstop" asking about her well-being, and ask to speak over the phone. As the police recorded the call, she reportedly asked him, "What did you do to me when I was unconscious?" Bauer allegedly admitted to repeatedly punching her in the buttocks, but changed the subject when she told him she did not consent to that.

A Pasadena police officer confirmed to The Athletic that the matter is still under active investigation, but the woman said in her account that she was concerned about the pace of the investigation:

“I am deeply concerned that no arrest has been made or charges filed,” she said in the document.

“One of the last text messages I sent him was, ‘I appreciate all of your offers to help, but the best way you can help me is to never do that to anyone else ever again.’ To this, Trevor responded, ‘I would never do anything to hurt anyone. That includes you.’”

Bauer's side of the story

Minutes after posting an initial report on the allegations against Bauer, a statement from Bauer's agent Jon Fetterolf was sent to Yahoo Sports addressing the allegations. Here is the full statement, in which he conceded Bauer had rough sex with the woman, but claimed it was all consensual.

The statement initially included the last name of the alleged victim, as TMZ did when it posted its initial story on the allegations. Yahoo Sports is not naming the woman.

Mr. Bauer had a brief and wholly consensual sexual relationship initiated by [the alleged victim] beginning in April 2021. We have messages that show [the alleged victim] repeatedly asking for “rough” sexual encounters involving requests to be “choked out” and slapped in the face. In both of their encounters, [the alleged victim] drove from San Diego to Mr. Bauer’s residence in Pasadena, Calif. where she went on to dictate what she wanted from him sexually and he did what was asked. Following each of her only two meetings with Mr. Bauer, [the alleged victim] spent the night and left without incident, continuing to message Mr. Bauer with friendly and flirtatious banter. In the days following their second and final encounter, [the alleged victim] shared photos of herself and indicated that she had sought medical care for a concussion. Mr. Bauer responded with concern and confusion, and [the alleged victim] was neither angry nor accusatory.

Mr. Bauer and [the alleged victim] have not corresponded in over a month and have not seen each other in over six weeks. Her basis for filing a protection order is nonexistent, fraudulent, and deliberately omits key facts, information, and her own relevant communications. Any allegations that the pair’s encounters were not 100% consensual are baseless, defamatory, and will be refuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Marc Garelick, a lawyer representing the woman, said in his own statement he anticipates criminal action being taken against Bauer.

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