Trevor Bauer calls out Scott Boras for allegedly 'meddling' in MLB, union discussions

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Another subplot is developing as Major League Baseball and the MLB players association discuss guidelines for a potential restart of the 2020 season, and it involves two of baseball’s strongest personalities.

Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer called out Scott Boras in a tweet posted Wednesday, alleging that the baseball super agent might be meddling in MLBPA affairs in order to push his “personal agenda.” At least that’s Bauer’s belief based on rumors he’s heard.

Bauer did not go into specific detail about what he's hearing, but did post a second tweet that tagged Boras. Apparently he wants to make sure his message is delivered firsthand.

One would think Bauer and Boras would be on the side given their status as an active player and player-agent respectively. However, there might be a feeling — accurate or otherwise — that Boras has extra incentive to involve himself based on the economic plans MLB proposed to the players on Tuesday.

Boras was critical of MLB’s original plan to propose revenue-sharing for the 2020 season when those reports originally surfaced last week. Boras was adamant about the league living up to a March agreement to prorate salaries based on the number of games played. MLB is now proposing a sliding scale that would pay lower-paid players closer to their half-season prorated salaries while higher-paid players would take a larger pay cut.

Some of the league’s highest-paid players would make 20-40 percent of their normal salary, according to reports. You don’t need two guesses to figure out who represents several of MLB’s highest-paid players. It’s Scott Boras.

On Tuesday, the union called the sliding-scale proposal “extremely disappointing.” We can’t imagine Boras would be any more thrilled about the proposal. We don’t know for certain, though, since Boras has not publicly commented. Boras not yet responded to Bauer’s comments, either.

For now, it’s all just speculation. Until Bauer offers more information or Boras authors a response, we’ll be left to wonder precisely why this fire on the side of the road started. But it does remind us just how many layers and just how many agendas are wrapped up in these wide-ranging discussions.

Trevor Bauer thinks Scott Boras might be meddling in the MLBPA's discussions with MLB. (Getty Images)
Trevor Bauer thinks Scott Boras might be meddling in the MLBPA's discussions with MLB. (Getty Images)

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