Trevor Bauer and Alex Bregman kept their beef alive by sniping at each other on Twitter

Houston Astros infielder Alex Bregman and Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer don’t like each other. Or, if they do, they don’t do a great job showing it.

Bregman and Bauer have scuffled on Twitter in the past. In that instance, Bauer insinuated Astros pitchers used pine tar to increase their spin rates. Bregman then dunked on him by calling Bauer “Tyler.”

Bauer, never one to shy away from a Twitter argument, decided to take on Bregman again Tuesday

Bauer, who is doing his offseason training at Driveline Baseball, asked for affiliate hitters or former big leaguers to come out and take at-bats against him. He offered some incentives, saying he would pay for their training and give $1,000 to any hitter would could take him deep. He decided to tag Bregman in that tweet, saying “you won’t.”

Bregman responded by telling Bauer he would not take him up on his offer but only because he wanted to save his home runs against Bauer for the postseason.

After Bauer called Bregman soft, Bregman delivered the finishing blow.

Bauer was not deterred. Instead, he decided to up his offer to Bregman.

That’s where things currently stand. Bregman hasn’t responded in a few hours. He seems to have dropped the mic after posting video of his postseason home run off Bauer.

That might mean the offseason feud between the two players is over. Fans may have to wait until the 2019 regular season to see Bauer and Bregman go at it again. If it’s anything like their Twitter responses, expect fireworks in their first meeting next year.

Alex Bregman is no stranger when it comes to going after Trevor Bauer. (AP Photo)
Alex Bregman is no stranger when it comes to going after Trevor Bauer. (AP Photo)

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