Trevor Barry, NAIA Hall of Famer, proudly passes athletic torch to daughter

Oct. 27—DICKINSON — On Tuesday, Dickinson High School honored its senior volleyball class by introducing each senior alongside their parents. The seniors walked onto the court, each holding a rose, a framed photo collage, and a silver gift bag. Jazmin Barry, one of the seniors, stood between her mother and father, tears welling up in her eyes before streaming down her cheeks.

She wasn't the only one among the five seniors who became emotional as they faced the cheering home fan side.

From a parental standpoint, the experience was equally heartfelt. Parents could see how their support, both in terms of finances and time, had contributed to the growth of their children into resilient young adults. For Trevor Barry, Jazmin's father, it was particularly meaningful to witness his daughter both follow in his footsteps and forge her own unique path.

"Jazmin has accomplished so much and has developed beyond my imagination." Trevor Barry said. "She has so much potential, sometimes I don't think she realizes it."

Trevor Barry is a prominent figure in this community, renowned for his significant role in helping Dickinson State secure the National Championship title in 2004, 2005 and 2006. His remarkable achievements led to his induction into the NAIA Hall of Fame in 2022. Presently, he serves as the jumps coach at Minnesota State University in Moorhead.

He shared his sense of nostalgia about being back in Dickinson, noting the passage of time evident in the wrinkles on his friends' faces and the evolving nature of the city's details. However, it was evident that his purpose for being here was not to reminisce but to wholeheartedly support his daughter and celebrate her achievements during the fall season.

Jazmin is a highly competitive individual who sets high expectations for herself in every sport she participates in. Thanks to her self-motivation, she has made significant progress in volleyball during her senior year. While she has consistently been a leader in blocks, her dedication to improving her swing has transformed her into an all-around asset for the team. On senior night, they secured a dominant 3-0 victory, defeating Bismarck Legacy. Jazmin had a standout performance with 8 kills and 4.5 blocks to her name.

"I think [my dad] may have been my good luck charm," Jazmin Barry said. "He watches me on tv all the time and then he definitely coaches me ... It was so amazing for him to drive all the way from Fargo because he doesnt get to make it a lot."

Despite the geographical distance, the Barrys maintain a strong bond. They make extensive use of modern technology to bridge the gap, enabling Trevor to closely follow Jazmin's athletic development. As Jazmin has previously mentioned in interviews, she frequently contacts her father before races or significant life events, seeking his reassurance and guidance. In a way, her dad serves as her personal coach, providing invaluable support.

"I am definitely grateful for technology," Trevor Barry said. 'We chat about her performances the night before the events. She calls me to try and get the butterflies out ... I think with my presence I give her much more of an outlook to what to expect and how to overcome some of the obstacles, but my role is to first be a dad and to support her."

Both father and daughter concur that the Dickinson community played a crucial role in shaping their athletic and personal growth. Trevor initially arrived here to compete in DSU track and field, and in the process, he discovered the person he would ultimately become. Jazmin, too, had the opportunity to undergo a similar transformative experience during her high school career.

"To know that I have so many people that support me and care for me in anything and everything I do, no matter what it is, is the best feeling," Jazmin said. "I will always be surrounded by it, even when these people aren't in my life anymore."

Trevor expressed the same sense of gratitude for the support he received as an athlete and how it has benefited his daughter as well.

"[Jazmin being in Dickinson for her high school athletics] I think is integral. It have given her a place to grow as a person and as an athlete," Trevor said. "I myself have Dickinson in a very special place in my heart. I didn't know it existed before I came here, but it is a place that will always stay with me."

A legacy represents a lineage and the collective contributions of everyone involved. It doesn't conclude until the hard work does, and Jazmin Barry has admirably upheld the Barry legacy in Dickinson.

Before the game commenced, as the players headed back to their respective sides, Jazmin quietly expressed her gratitude to her mom and dad. She shared a heartfelt and extended hug with each of them. In that moment, she felt that everything was unfolding rapidly, a sentiment shared by many seniors. However, once the moment passed, she and her fellow Midgets were on the court, fully focused and prepared to perform to the best of their abilities.

"It is like reality is hitting me and at the end of the season I am not going to play volleyball ever again," Jazmin said. "This is the end for me, but it has honestly been the biggest blessing ever. Just being able to have the friendships on this team, the coaches, it was all amazing and it really made me who I am today and it taught me a life lesson to keep pushing. — It is amazing to know I have so many people."