Trevon Diggs has confidence in Cooper Rush to lead the Cowboys

Yahoo Sports’ Tank Williams spoke with Dallas Cowboys CB Trevon Diggs about the loss of QB Dak Prescott, the pressure that loss puts on the defense, and his confidence level in backup QB Cooper Rush.

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Video Transcript


TANK WILLIAMS: Tank Williams for Yahoo Sports here with Dallas Cowboys Pro Bowl cornerback, Trevon Diggs, who's joining us, thanks to SAXX Underwear, but we'll get to that in a bit. Trevon, tough loss to the Bucs in week one, and now you're likely going to be without Dak for the next four to eight weeks. Understand it's like a next-man-up mentality in the NFL, but it's always tough when you lose QB 1. So what's the mindset of the team, knowing that you're going to be without them for a while? And what does the defense have to do to be able to hold it down until Dak and some of these other injured guys comes back?

TREVON DIGGS: Yeah, everyone knows, you know, what's going on and what to expect as far as, like, the adversity we're facing, how everyone needs to step up. You know, we lost, we took a big loss, we're losing our quarterback, and, you know, everyone's got to step up. That's just how it goes.

TANK WILLIAMS: Yeah. I mean, I understand the biz. I mean, does it give you some comfort, knowing that Cooper Rush was able to come in last year against the Vikings and get a big win in the time when you needed it? I mean, does that give you a little bit of confidence, knowing that he could possibly hold it down for the next month or two?

TREVON DIGGS: Yeah. For sure, I know he can hold it down. You know, I practice with him every day. You know, he can make all of those. You know, just, everyone just needs to help each other out and be each-- be each other's anchor and this offense to help the defense, defense help the offense as much as they can. And we're going to get the job done and just be all right.

TANK WILLIAMS: You're going to be playing against somebody each and every week. But when I looked at the-- the games that happened, what you're talking about in week 1 last year, the Rams--


TANK WILLIAMS: --turned the ball over a lot. The Bengals turned the ball over a lot in week 1. And if you look--


TANK WILLIAMS: --to last year, Carson Wentz, you know, had some turnover issues, as long-- as well as Daniel Jones. So from a defensive perspective--


TANK WILLIAMS: --are you excited about the opportunity of getting your ball, like, your hands on the ball, and hopefully that being a major contributor to getting the team back on track, getting turnovers, getting into the end zone?

TREVON DIGGS: Yeah, most definitely. Last year we led the league in turnover, so it's not like we can't do that again, yow know. We know how to build [? a kind of ?] [? rapport, ?] so it'd be great to get turnovers, and continue to get turnovers, and, you know, turn the ball over [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGHS]

TANK WILLIAMS: Now, you're here with us, thanks to SAXX Underwear. You and your brother, Stefon, have teamed up with them. So tell us a little bit about that partnership.

TREVON DIGGS: Yeah, me and my brother teamed up with SAXX. We're the Chief Ball Officers, you know, just expanding the brand, getting the brand out there, wearing the product. I wore the product. I tried to find out I love it. They've got a special pouch for us where we need to-- [LAUGHS] you know, where we need to fit in that. And, you know, it's really good. They're extremely comfortable. I love it. And we got a thing going on, where every touchdown that he gets, he gets 10% off, and every interception I get, he gets 10% off.

TANK WILLIAMS: OK. That's the stuff they say-- defense is knowing where your help is, so it seems like SAXX is on top of that. So if you want to--


TANK WILLIAMS: --find out more, just go to, and thanks for joining us today. And good luck with the rest of the season.

TREVON DIGGS: Thank you so much. Appreciate you.