Trent Williams: Super Bowl win after dealing with cancer would be a fairy tale

Left tackle Trent Williams is not one of the 49ers players ramping up for his second chance at beating the Chiefs in the Super Bowl.

When the 49ers lost to the Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV, Williams was coming off a difficult season in Washington. He was diagnosed with a cancerous growth in his scalp that he said team doctors had misdiagnosed years earlier, which led to acrimony and a trade request that they did not grant during the season. Williams was finally traded after 49ers tackle Joe Staley retired after that Super Bowl loss.

Williams has made three All-Pro teams in his four seasons with the Niners and he said on Wednesday that he's "very grateful" for a chance to add a Super Bowl title would continue what's turned out to be a very successful run with his second NFL team.

"It would be like one of those fairy tales," Williams said, via Nick Wagoner of "It's like something you can only dream about. It's hard to even describe what that feeling would be like because I've never felt that feeling before. But I imagine it would be a memory that we would remember for life."

Winning the Super Bowl would make for a storybook ending to a career, but the game isn't expected to be the final chapter in Williams' story. He's said that he plans to continue playing and is under contract for three more years, so the 49ers should be able to count on a foundational piece of their line for quite a while.