Trent Williams snubbed of proper NFL Top 100 ranking, George Kittle squabbles

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Kittle: Williams snubbed of proper NFL Top 100 ranking originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Trent Williams was ranked by his peers as the 14th-best player in all of football, the highest nod given to an offensive lineman since the initial NFL Top 100 List dropped in 2011.

But 49ers teammate George Kittle argues the list still isn't giving Williams enough credit.

“I don’t know how Trent Williams isn’t one, two, or maybe three,” Kittle said on Sunday’s episode of “The Richard Sherman Podcast.” “You just watch his tape. He physically dominates people every single play. He mentally outsmarts people every single play. [If] he gets his hands on you, you’re going to get blocked. He doesn’t get penalties. He’s efficient.

“He does all these things that no one else can dream of doing because of his talent level. He’s the 14th-best player?”

Williams, coming off his ninth straight Pro Bowl season and first career All-Pro honor, is entering his third campaign with San Francisco. Earlier in the offseason, he became the first offensive lineman in NFL history to be rated 99 overall in the Madden video game franchise.

In this year's NFL Top 100 list, Williams finished behind four quarterbacks -- including Tom Brady, named the best player in football -- two running backs, two wide receivers, four defensive players, and tight end Travis Kelce.

"All those guys deserve to be in the top 10. They’re all fantastic football players," Kittle said. "But like, Aaron Donald and Trent Williams are my No. 1 and No. 2. That’s it. You’ve got Tom Brady, you’ve got Aaron Rodgers, you’ve got Pat Mahomes, Josh Allen. You have those four quarterbacks who are really special. Cooper Kupp was incredible. Davante Adams was incredible.

"But no one does what Trent Williams does every single play."

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Williams is renowned around the league for his pancake blocks. In the 49ers' playoff win over the Green Bay Packers last January, Williams went viral for going in motion and destroying everyone in his path.

Of course, Kittle was right in the mix during that play, too.

"I believe I’m the best in the world in run blocking, especially in my offense," Kittle said. "When I get to line up next to Trent Williams, who is the best in the world at his position, it makes my life a whole bunch easier.

"When I line up next to Trent Williams, I am 99.9 percent confident that all I have to do is not get stepped on, and I am going to succeed in my play," Kittle concluded.

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