A new trend has TikTok users are showing off their 'customer service' voice'

thanks to TikTok, millions of people are learning about the customer service voice — basically, the voice you use at work that differs from your “actual” voice. Some users, like news anchor JR Burton, are showing off just how stark that difference can be. In a video that’s drawn nearly 3 million views, Burton shows her followers how her on-air voice sounds in comparison to her normal, everyday speaking voice. “Just a slight difference,” Burton captioned her video. The phenomenon has become a full-on trend, with everyone from Amazon workers to Disney World employees sharing how they speak at work. The #customerservicevoice hashtag has drawn more than 18 million views on TikTok so far. This behavior is usually referred to as code-switching, which is when someone changes how they talk, act or present themselves depending on who’s around them. Burton acknowledged that code-switching was at play in her video; however, she also explained to TikTok users that no one asks her to change her voice at work