Treat Yourself to These Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Recipes

·1 min read

Maybe you treat yourself to a fancy martini after a long weekend of training, or maybe your reward is a beer in the shower – we don’t judge. But here’s a secret many athletes don’t know about alcohol – you don’t need it in your drink to make it feel special. Drinks can be just as fun and rewarding without the hard stuff.

If the word “mocktail” makes you think of the sweet, syrupy kiddie cocktails bars used to serve up as their only booze-free concoction, think again – non-alcoholic cocktails are a huge trend in bartending these days, as more and more people search for booze-free options that feel just as glam as their high-proof counterparts. There are lots of reasons people opt to stay dry for one night, one month, or beyond – a big workout the next morning, a Dry January challenge, physical and mental health benefits, or simply redefining one’s relationship with alcohol. Whatever your reasons, these four non-alcoholic recipes are a great way to mix it up.