Travis Kelce talks about how family, friends helped Chiefs career in new commercial

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce opened up about his career in an unlikely format.

No, it wasn’t at Kelce Jam on Saturday. Kelce talked about a wide range of topics in a ... commercial.

While promoting ZenWTR, Kelce discussed his success on the field, the impact family and friends have played on his career and how happy he is to be playing for the Chiefs and coach Andy Reid.

It’s all part of a nearly 6 minute commercial that aired on E!. Here are some highlights.

Playing fast

Kelce is 34 years old and he talked about the mental game of football.

“When I was younger I was able to kind of put a little bit more wear and tear on the body in the offseason,” Kelce said. “And as I’m getting older, obviously the wear and tear you got to kind of save that for a lot of the season. So what’s really kept me at the speed of the game has really been my mentality. It’s really been how fast I can process things, how fast I can see things develop and have an answer instinctually right away. And that’s what makes me play faster. You know, I don’t have the 4.5 speed that I used to, but at the same time, I can move quicker and get somebody to think.

“So trying to stay ahead of the game, understanding what’s going on on the other side of the ball, so I play faster. I’m understanding your opponent a little bit more. So a lot of that is film prep and just an overall understanding of what we’re trying to do as a team. offensively. I think that’s what’s really been able to keep me playing fast in the league.”

Travis Kelce was drinking ZenWTR at Kelce Jam
Travis Kelce was drinking ZenWTR at Kelce Jam

More professional Kelce

This is going to date some folks, but remember when people shared video Vines on social media? Yeah, those have gone away, but in the 2014 season, Kelce was featured in a number of hilarious ones as he acted up on the field.

Kelce says in the spot he’s changed a lot in the past decade.

“I’m so much more professional on the field now,” he said in the commercial. “When I was younger, it was kind of like, just go out here and, man, it’s gonna be a hard practice. You’re gonna be running a lot and I wouldn’t complain about it, but I would just know it’s gonna be a grind. So find ways to grind it out and work on your fundamentals.

“Nowadays, I’m thinking more of why coach Reid loves this play. Why does Pat (Mahomes) like this route versus this coverage? And it’s more of a chess mentality of, of how we’re going to beat our opponents than it is just, I’m an athlete, and I’m just a football player. Now it’s become more of a mental game, and how I’m gonna beat you.”

Playing in KC

Kelce said he puts on Kelce Jam to thank fans in Kansas City. He is grateful to have been drafted by the Chiefs. Kelce also talked about how his family and friends have helped him during his career.

“I think I’ve been in a very beautiful organization that’s given me the opportunity to grow as an athlete and off the field,” Kelce said. “I mean, coach Reid does a great job. The biggest thing he says is don’t lose your personality. Let that thing show. And you don’t get that type of leadership in every office, every building. A lot of people like to control that and not let you get too wild.

“And having great mentors, having great coaches, having great family members and friends, I feel like that’s the biggest thing in terms of growth is just having people around you that can check you but also, you know, give you confirmation and reassurance that you’re doing things the right way.”

Here is the commercial.

Travis Kelce was drinking ZenWTR at Kelce Jam on Saturday.
Travis Kelce was drinking ZenWTR at Kelce Jam on Saturday.