Travis Kelce hints at special ketchup at steakhouse he’ll open with Patrick Mahomes

The 1587 Prime steakhouse is not expected to open until early next year at the Loews Hotel in Kansas City, but the two men behind the restaurant have shared some details of what might be on the menu.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes said last month there will be an Andy Reid cheeseburger available in honor of his coach. And Mahomes’ friend/teammate/business partner, Travis Kelce, suggested a special condiment could be available.

On this week’s “New Heights” podcast, Jason Kelce asked about the menu.

“I don‘t know,” Travis said. “Probably have some Pat’s ketchup, I don’t know.“

Jason asked: “Pat has his own ketchup?“

“Well,” Travis answered, “I mean, he is a big ketchup guy. So I would assume.”

“Is it like fancy ketchup?” Jason inquired. “We know he’s a big Whataburger guy. Is there gonna be fancy ketchup at 1587 Prime?”

Travis said: “There might be. There might be. We’re putting together menus and everything right now. It probably won’t be up and running until after this upcoming season.”

Jason then asked if Mahomes dips his steak in ketchup.

“Breakfast, lunch and dinner,” Travis said. “It’s just what he does, it’s what he’s been doing.”

Giving back to KC

Mahomes has said his goal is to make sure 1587 Prime isn’t so expensive that it prices out Chiefs fans.

Travis Kelce said it was important to them both to do something for the city.

“It’s always been pretty cool to see the support that we get out in Kansas City, so we wanted to make sure we showed that love back,” Kelce said. “Doing things in the community is something that we’re both heavily, heavily involved in. And so this time, we wanted to make a restaurant, man. Why not have one of the coolest steakhouses in one of the best hotels in the city, downtown Kansas City at the Loews?

“It’s gonna be awesome. I can’t wait to show Kansas City our love for food and dining experiences because that’s one thing me, Pat and the gang love to do, man, we love to just go out and just pig out at all the best restaurants in the world. So we thought we’d have our own rendition in Kansas City.”

1587 Prime shared some new renderings of the steakhouse.