Travis Etienne taking 'a different pace' to the NFL

In Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast's Rookie Snapshot, Liz Loza and Eric Edholm break down NFL prospect Travis Etienne and decide what word best describes the former Clemson running back. Subscribe to the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Video Transcript



LIZ LOZA: I think your word, the one word that you want to use to describe him perfectly-- it fits perfectly especially when you consider his college production. What is it?

ERIC EDHOLM: Yeah, he's a "dart." That's my word that comes to mind. I mean, he's got that kind of slashing running style whatever. But the burst and the speed are completely obvious. The first time you watch him, he moves at a different pace than other people on ACC Field.

So yeah, from the fact that he stepped in as a true freshman, and played right away, and performed well, stepped up his game second two years-- it almost felt like he got bigger, faster, and stronger. And it really is impressive to see how fast he can just blast through where defenders aren't even ready to tackle him when he's already hit the hole.

LIZ LOZA: You wrote "dart." I wrote "made you miss" for very similar reasons. Because the, I guess, dashes of burst and balance, the combination of burst and balance that he has are absolutely incredible. I mean, we're talking about his rushing style here-- the acceleration, the power.

But I also want to talk about his evolution as a pass catcher. We talked about it earlier with Harris. I thought we're going to talk about Etienne a little bit later, but, in fact, this was the other player that I wanted to note that had an evolution in his playing style when it came to pass catching.

And here is the stat that I think resembles that. Trevor Lawrence is Clemson's leading rusher with 107 yards. And Travis Etienne is Clemson's leading receiver with 98 yards.