From Trap to Wall Street: How This CEO, Investor, & Educator Helps Others Get Out of the Financial Trap

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 29, 2020 / With financial freedom gurus being on the rise, people are becoming more skeptical of their legitimacy. Leon Howard is one of the exceptions.

While in prison, Leon learned everything about the stock market. He was studying it day in and day out.

After getting out of prison, he became an ironworker. However, Leon did what most people are afraid to do. He used most of his earnings to invest in the stock market.

That's when his life changed.

Now, Leon is a full-time investor, CEO, and educator. He uses his extensive knowledge of the stock market to help people gain financial freedom and build generational wealth. He also owns an apparel company called Trapper Apparel Inc.

Leon is not one of those gurus who promises everyone success overnight though. He wants everyone to understand that wealth is not built overnight. According to him, it takes grit, patience, and hard work for someone to be financially free.

To further help people, Leon started From the Trap to Wallstreet, a movement that aims to empower and improve the financial state of Urban Americans. Additionally, it highlights the power of the black dollar and how it can be used to make generational wealth.

Leon also uses social media platforms to help as many people as possible. On his Youtube channel, Wallstreet Trapper, his videos give a clear blueprint on how to successfully turn your last name into an asset by investing in stocks and other investment vehicles. He also gives updates and tips through his Instagram (@wall_street_trapper) and Twitter (@Wallstreet504) accounts.

What's more amazing is that he's able to grow his following to almost 500,000 within 2 years. When asked how did this happen, Leon said, "My childhood taught me resilience. There is nothing that can limit me because I know how to adapt, survive and make the best out of my situations."

Leon's life was not as amazing as it is now though. He watched his mother get shot when he was young, he became homeless, and spent time in prison.

Despite all these challenges, Leon persevered. He balanced what he has been through with who he wanted to become.

Once the right mindset kicked in, Leon was on a roll. He eventually built a 7-figure business teaching professionals, young people, and even street dudes how to invest wisely.

On top of that, Leon now owns his time. He doesn't have to work for someone anymore and can focus on being a great father & genuine wealth advocate. That, for him, is the greatest reward of being an entrepreneur.

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