The “Transparent Eyeliner” Hack Is Having a Moment on TikTok

·1 min read

For beauty lovers, we're all stalking TikTok entirely for unique trends and need-to-know hacks constantly taking flight on the viral vending machine. Most recently, we found out from the app how to recreate the most iconic Kate Moss Cheekbones -- and this time around? The #transparenteyeliner trend has seriously popped off with 1.7 million views.

The trend was initially sparked by makeup artist and BeautyToker May Akhtar, who shares how she amplifies the natural tone of her eyelid. She creates an outlined space with a light shade of concealer, all in the frame of where a color-winged eyeliner would be, and blends outwards from the eye to keep the transparent wing visible.

In the video, May shows how the transparent eyeliner trick creates a stunning contour that extends the eye for sensual and effortlessly snatched appeal. To enhance and extend the wear of the liner hack, we'd advise gently patting setting powder on top of the look as you don't want to risk moving the concealer application.

Are you thinking of trying this look at home? We've included Akhtar's tutorial and a few more below for your reference. If this works for you, tag Hypebae's Beauty Instagram for a chance to be featured.