Traina Thoughts: Tom Brady Sets Shakespeare-Loving Rookie Teammate Straight

Jimmy Traina

1. Tom Brady loves to play that "aww-shucks, good golly, I'm such a mellow fella" routine, but the man can turn into a savage when he has to. First-year defensive end Chase Winovich found that out Wednesday night when the future Hall of Famer set him straight on Instagram.

Winovich, a fellow Michigan alum who was drafted in the third round this year, thought he was going to get away with posting some deep, thought-provoking Shakespeare quote for a caption, but Tommy wasn't having it and gave the kid an order.

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Welcome to the NFL, rookie.

2. Hot on the heels of last week's Traina Thoughts in which I riffed about lists and provided you guys with a list of 100 sports media people, Magic Johnson has come in and blown up the whole list game! He just threw down the gaunlet to every list maker on the Internet.

To celebrate his 60th birthday, Magic took to Twitter to provide a bevy of lists that covered a wide array of topics from travel destinations to TV shows to singers.There were nine lists over a 24-hour span. Just prolific list-making from one of the greatest athletes in history.

Since these lists have come out, I've been obsessed with analyzing them. There's just so much here to digest. In honor of Magic's lists, here is a list of my thoughts about Magic's lists.

• Normally, people who do a list either rank the items or they just make a random list. Magic, though, went WILD and mixed this formula. For example, in his list of "Top 60 Music Groups," it looks like one through six are ranked, and then he goes to alphabetical order. For his "Top 60 Hip Hop Artists," it looks like only one through four are ranked, and then he goes alphabetical. He ranked one through nine for "Top 60 Male R&B Artists" before going alphabetical. It's almost as if Magic reaaaaaally wanted to rank all 60, but then realized how hard and time consuming it was and just said, "F*ck it" and went alphabetical.

• Magic had Adele on his "Top 60 Female R&B Artists" list. Interesting choice.

Seinfeld isn't on Magic's "Top 60 Best TV Shows" list, but First Take and Judge Mathis made the cut. Judge Mathis. A top-60 show of all time. God bless, Magic Johnson.

• Magic ranked The Godfather as his top film of all time, yet Godfather 2 did not make his top 60. Fascinating.

• The list that needed rankings more than any other list was Magic's "Top 60 Places to Travel" since we could actually use this as a guide if we need to plan a trip, but he went straight alphabetical here. Total bummer.

• I love how in his list of "Top 60 People Who Have Helped Me in Business and Basketball," Magic closed things out with three doctors.

• There is just a whole bunch of disrespect for Smokey Robinson in Magic's "Top 60 Male R&B Artists" list. Charlie Wilson and Jeffrey Osborne over Smokey?

• It was pretty selfless for Magic not to include The Magic Hour in his list of "Top 60 Best TV Shows."

3. A new SI Media Podcast is out today and it features an interview with author and reporter Jim Miller. The man who wrote the book on ESPN talks about Ed Werder getting re-hired by the network, fallout from the Dan Le Batard controversy, why ESPN's "no politics" mantra remains problematic and how the streaming industry is getting out of control. We also talked about Curb Your Enthusiasm's return date for Season 10, the greatness of The Larry Sanders Show and Eddie Murphy's comedy comeback.

You can listen to the podcast below or on iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher.

4. I'd never tell you to clear your schedule to watch an exhibition football game, but if you're home tonight and flipping through the channels, you might want to check out how Joe Tessitore and Booger McFarland sound without Jason Witten as ESPN's new Monday Night Football team calls the Raiders-Cardinals game.

5. Antonio Brown's preseason continues to be excellent.

6. I rarely post videos that are 30 minutes long here, but if you have the time, you should check out last week's SI Media Podcast guest, Stone Cold Steve Austin, on Hot Ones.

7. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: Magic Johnson may have snubbed Smokey Robinson, but I will not. This man should be higher than No. 8 on any list of R&B singers.

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