Trailer - ‘Greatness Code’

The Emmy Award-winning unscripted short form sports documentary series “Greatness Code” -- directed by Gotham Chopra and produced by Religion of Sports and Uninterrupted -- reveals what truly drives the world’s greatest athletes to succeed. The second season debuts on May 13, only on Apple TV+.

Video Transcript


LINDSEY VONN: In those really important moments when you have everything on the line, it's all or nothing.

RUSSELL WILSON: As soon as we cross that white line to step on the field, the feelings have to go.

LETICIA BUFONI: You only have one more chance. If I win, I want to win the right way.

SCOUT BASSETT: I think about all the things I have overcome in my life. I just dug deep.

MARCUS RASHFORD: I felt like I was untouchable.

BUBBA WALLACE: That's when it becomes a chess match.

RUSSEL WILSON: I haven't gone this far and not win this gig.

LINDSEY VONN: Greatness is the ability to overcome, no matter what.