Trail Blazers and dogs... what more do you need?

Chris Burkhardt
NBC Sports Northwest

In a time where we need the feel goods: Presenting the combination of your favorite team and man's best friend. 

DognamedStella is an Instagram account chronicling the life of a yellow lab named Stella, and her fur pal Mabel. 

One of Stella's claims to fame is jumping into a giant pile of leaves. 

The account has amassed nearly 400 thousand followers, all of whom love a good dog video. 

On Monday, a mash-up of Stella's videos hit Twitter with the caption, "we all – and I cannot stress this enough – need this right now. possibly the greatest short film ever made."

The attempt to bring a little happiness to the world did not go unnoticed, as the Tweet earned 61.5K retweets and 199.6k likes in less than 48 hours

This is where the smile on all of our faces gets even bigger. 

The Trail Blazers' social media team saw the video and took advantage. The result was a video that no one in Rip City knew they needed but now can't live without: Dogs jumping into piles of leaves, narrated by Kevin Calabro and Lamar Hurd.

Stella's effortless acrobatics paired with Calabro and Hurd's silky smooth voices... Perfection! If the website with less me, I'd put a chef kiss gif here... muah!

Fans of dogs and the Trail Blazers alike loved the combo:


Trail Blazers and dogs... what more do you need? originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

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