Trail Blazers' Christmas Traditions

Jamie Hudson

We've all got them... Christmas traditions. 

Whether it be a particular movie on a certain night, a fun food to make and eat together... each family is different.

The magazine Country Living put together a list of the best Christmas Traditions.

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The top 25 traditions on this list to get families in the holiday spirit include:

-- Make homemade hot chocolate

-- Participate in an annual toy drive

-- Have a Secret Santa gift exchange

-- Make a gingerbread house

But, what about the Trail Blazers' Christmas traditions?

A handful of Trail Blazers shared their Christmas rituals.

The Bazmore Family

When Trail Blazers forward Kent Bazemore was very young, he spent a lot of time with his dad's side of the family. Bazemore's father has five brothers and six sisters.

It was a big family event.

"It was a three or four day thing," Bazemore said. "People would come in, we'd have dinner, people would hang out, stay up all night with my cousins."

When Bazemore was in high school, the Bazemore family still got together, but basketball was prominent.

"The day after Christmas… We would have a Christmas basketball tournament. Some people would stay and watch me play."

One thing is certain: Bazmore always enjoyed his time with his family, and as a family they would watch Christmas movies together including:

-Home Alone (obviously)

-The Grinch

The Whiteside Family

For Trail Blazers center Hassan Whiteside's family, Christmas early morning was the main event.

"We might get to open up on gift early… Sometimes… When it struck midnight you got to open up one gift," Whiteside said with a smile. 

The Whitesides also enjoyed the family dinner.

"We eat a lot of food on Christmas, it's kind of like Thanksgiving-type-style.  It's a whole lot of food. We do that on Christmas Eve or Christmas day, it depends.  And then on Christmas morning we opened up gifts."

But, Whiteside also added that Christmas is his favorite time of year because he gets to spend time with family.

The Little Family

Trail Blazers rookie Nassir Little's family is big on looking back on home videos when his family gets together over the holidays. 

"We went big on Christmas Eve. We open one small gift early; we watch old videos of when we was babies and stuff like that.  We play a whole bunch of games."

The 19-year-old has his family in Portland with him for this Christmas. He said he's looking forward to spending time with them and added, "I might watch those little Claymation cartoons."

Little shared that ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' is one of his favorite Christmas movies, saying, "That's my stuff right there."

The Tolliver Family

Growing up, Trail Blazers veteran Anthony Tolliver and his family were all about that Christmas morning life.

The Tolliver family also has a delicious tradition.

"We'd always wake up and have cinnamon rolls. That's our thing, every Christmas morning we'd have cinnamon rolls," Tolliver reminisced.

"We'd open up presents first, of course, and then cinnamon rolls," Tolliver joked.

The Tolliver family also enjoyed watching NBA games all day and "playing with the new toys" was also high on their list.

"And take a nap." Tolliver laughed.

Yes, a Christmas nap is always essential.

Sending you and your family holiday cheer!

Trail Blazers' Christmas Traditions originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

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