Trail Blazers frustrated by disparity of Lakers 'living' at the free throw line

Jamie Hudson
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It's said that the team that is the aggressor will obviously get more of the calls.

But, is that what happened in Game 3 of the Trail Blazers and Lakers series?


Yet, it's hard to believe that there was that much of a difference in the physicality and aggressive nature in the Lakers over the Blazers Saturday night. 

The total free throw discrepancy for the game finished at 43 to 18

After the Blazers 116-108 loss, Damian Lillard explained that both teams were physical in Game 3 as he tried to make sense of the difference at the charity stripe. 

The discrepancy in free throws is something that is out of our control… Last game we came out -- they played a really physical game, a really aggressive game that led to blowout victory for them. But tonight, we came in saying, we wasn't going to get bullied any and let them out physical and out aggressive us and maybe sometimes we did foul, but they're a physical team as well. --Trail Blazers All-Star Damian Lillard

Lillard and CJ McCollum combined for 62 in Saturday's loss while Lillard was the sole Blazer to get to the line more than once. The Trail Blazers point guard went 13-of-14 from the stripe. 

Yep, he had 14 of the Blazers' 19 attempts and rightfully so, but that's still crazy to think about. 

Lillard, who said he tried to ignore the pain of his dislocated left index finger, also reiterated that a free throw discrepancy against a great team is going to make it even more difficult to come away with a win.

When a team is living at the free throw line like they did tonight as a team, it's going to be hard to win a game against a team that's as good as they are.  

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Blazers head coach Terry Stotts focused on the first half free throw discrepancy as LA went 18-for-31, while Portland was 8-for-8.

As far as the free throw differential, particularly at halftime it was -- I don't know if I've ever been in a game where it was that big. It certainly had an impact on the first half… That had an impact on the game. -- Trail Blazers head coach Terry Stotts

At least the Lakers only shot 58.1% from the FT throw line in the first half to help keep the Blazers in the game at the break.

But, 31 to eight is a big margin, no doubt about that.

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