Trades we want for fantasy: Eric Gordon, Fred VanVleet

Dan Titus and Raphielle Johnson look at potential trade deadline moves that could benefit the fantasy landscape, including Eric Gordon from the Rockets and Fred VanVleet from the Raptors.

Video Transcript

DAN TITUS: The number one person I want to see traded this offseason or this trade season is Eric Gordon. And I don't know that it's going to happen, but his contract situation is really interesting. All of his money has been paid out. So he's the best person to trade for.

So he's waiting on a deal from the Rockets, but I'm like, why would the Rockets want to give you a deal if-- Like, it's great. He's a veteran. You've got to have the veteran presence. I get it. But I feel like he'd want to just be out by now, right?

Like go play for a contender. You can still shoot the 3. You're a good perimeter defender. I know you got roots there and everything, but it's just maddening from a fantasy perspective because I think Tari Eason does everything that you want in a fantasy player, except for assists.

That's like his one area where he could improve a little bit. But his per 36 numbers, 15, 10, over 3 stocks. I want to just free this man. But yeah, I want to get your thoughts on the Houston Rockets situation, but then also, give me a give me a trade, someone that you want to see traded to benefit someone else in fantasy.

RAPHIELLE JOHNSON: Well, we discussed Eric Gordon before. I'm like the Vice President of the Free Eric Gordon Campaign. Look man, I know he hasn't come out and directly said that he wants out, but you can just tell that he's done with it.

And when your veteran is thinking and feeling that way, like we've seen the press conferences, I've seen no improvement. So how good is that veteran presence when he's just kind of done? I'm sure he probably feels like he's talking to a brick wall with some of those guys in terms of the advice that he may be trying to give them. So it's been reported that Houston wants a first round pick in return. I'd like to see them bring that down.

DAN TITUS: Yeah. Let's get back to reality here, bro. 34, 15-year pro, like, come on. First round? You're tripping.

RAPHIELLE JOHNSON: I think that's the one. I think there are some other trades in terms of they may be dictated by the collective bargaining agreement and how much a player can be paid by his current team. I'm interested to see what happens in Toronto Fred VanVleet would be an interesting name. We've seen him come up because of the extension issues that you can only pay so much during the season.

That goes up afterwards, but then you're running the risk of losing that guy for nothing. So I think he's one. OG Anunoby is another one where you look at him, it's like, are they going to move him? Are they going to keep him? Because they have a lot of similar wings in that roster.

I think they need a little variety. I think him getting to a place where he kind of expand his game offensively even more would really benefit him. And maybe that benefits a Scottie Barnes as well in terms of a guy who may stick behind if you do that. So I think Toronto is a team I'm looking at. But yeah, I think we're all on board with Eric Gordon being the one that we'd like to see moved for his own good and Tari Eason as well.

DAN TITUS: Very interesting. Yeah. I've seen some rumors floating around that Phoenix is poking around in Toronto, looking to replace Chris Paul. What is the future there?

So you know DeAndre Ayton isn't happy either and they haven't had a meaningful front-court player in quite some time. So yeah, I would love a shakeup of that magnitude, man. It's cool to have Rui Hachimura be traded for Kendrick and some picks, but I think we also want to see a bigger splash be made here.